Suicide Ideation



10 people in their 30’s (or older) who attempted suicide in their teens or 20’s but survived. Pictures of them doing the thing that they now enjoy the most.  Also have them write a piece about their experience at the time, why they did what they did, how they felt after, how their life has progressed since and why they’ve chosen the particular activity.


10 people who have lost somebody very close to them.  Pictures of them doing something that they wish the person that they lost was there to do with them.  Have them write a piece about when it happened, why they think it happened, how they felt at the time, how they came to terms with their loss, how they still feel about it now and why they have chosen the particular activity.


Create a photobook out of these stories as well as an exhibition to go alongside it.



To get a copy of the book into mental health institutions for patients to read during their stay as an alternate to mundane gossip magazines. To show those with suicidal ideation that things change with time and that their action would be permanent.  To show them that others feel the same as they do.  To get people to talk about suicide.  To show the effects it has on others and that it’s not just the end to your own pain.


If you feel that you or somebody you know would like to participate in this project please contact me using the form below telling me a little about yourself and your story and we can begin to figure out how to show your story.


Also If you work for a mental health charity or organisation, or know somebody who does, and would like to help out with this project please leave your details in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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